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Other LDS sites and articles of interest:

LDS.org official site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Book of Mormon modern online edition

Doctrine & Covenants modern online edition

Pearl of Great Price modern online edition

Early Church Historical Documents Published in BYU Studies

Joseph Knight's Recollection of Early Mormon History BYU Studies:

onsite copy

Free PDF download BYU Studies

Joseph Smith Papers Early records of LDS history

JST - Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible LDS.org

JST - Joseph Smith Inspired Version of the Bible RLDS


Ethan Smith (1762-1849) A View of the Hebrews, NY, 1823  

Bill McKeever - The Untold Story of the Death of Joseph Smith (You Tube video)

Grant Palmer - "My Ah-Ha Moments While Researching Mormon History" (The best You Tube video on the subject I have seen)

1833 Book of Commandments 

Chronology of Mormonism Wikipedia article

Utah Lighthouse Ministry Founded by Jerald and Sandra Tanner

Jesus Christ Our Chosen Leader and Savior Jesus and Satan, "two of our brothers" LDS.org Gospel Principles 17, Chapter 3 / on-site copy with highlighted text

The Teachings of Brigham Young Richard Packham

1830 Book of Mormon online copy

Joseph Smith/Seer stones FAIR article

Joseph Smith 1826 Glass Looking Trial Testimonies and Records research page

Book of Mormon Printing Arrangements and History short article

Old Newspaper Articles Uncle Dale's Readings in Early Mormon History

Mormonism Unvailed Eber Howe's 1834 book

Joseph Smith's changing First Vision Accounts research site

Mormon Think- An objective look at Mormon facts, scriptures, history, controversies, and contradictions.  

The First Vision - The Joseph Smith Story Jim Whitefield article

Letter to LDS leaders from an active Mormon 'a must read for everyone'

Resignation letter as Bishop

Thomas Stuart Ferguson and his archeological search - abridged article

Remembering the Wives of Joseph Smith  research site

Why we left personal accounts of leaving Mormonism

Ex-Mormons Forums Recovery from Mormonism

PostMormon.org support for people as they leave, or consider leaving the LDS Church

Mormon Discussions Board online forum

Life After Ministries Leading Mormons to the Real Jesus Christ

LDS4U.com The Unauthorized Investigator's Guide to The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints

https://lettertoanapostle.org Paul Douglas's excellent work examining problems with Mormonism 




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