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My response to Lang Ngo's comments from the Comment's Section


Charles Russell, the man whom the Jehovah’s Witnesses consider their founder, penned a pamphlet in the 1800s entitled:


In Russell's pamphlet he spelled out the word “coming” while writing of Christ's return:

(Page 21) “… at His [Christ’s] coming—alone it is said…”

(Page 23) “Peter says, at the coming of the Lord…”

(Page 39) “Briefly stated we believe the scriptures to teach, that, at His [Christ’s] coming and for a time after He has come, He will remain invisible…”

When I used the word “coming” in my article, I was using the same language that Russell used to describe this event; I was merely quoting Watchtower publications.  I even quoted from a Watchtower book printed in the 1980s, which used the term "coming."

Therefore, Lang Ngo, when you verbalize,

“Terrible lies. Jehovah witness does not say Jesus is coming again."

People may be left wondering if it is you, who does not have,

"your facts in order."


I am scratching my head, wondering what words in my article you consider,

"Terrible lies."

Rich Kelsey



"Coming again means returning to earth. Coming means showing his power on earth from heaven. We believe the latter. Clearly our beliefs are that Jesus will not return to earth… Yes Jesus is coming. Jesus is coming. It says so in bible many times. But not in the flesh. Not coming again. Unbelievable."  Lang Ngo


My Response:

The photo above is from a Watchtower book which I have in my library: (You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth , 1982, p. 142)

Here, this Jehovah's Witness publication quotes Christ's words in the gospel of John:

"I AM COMING AGAIN" (John 14:3)


It’s rather ironic that when you read my article, and posted the comment above, I did not have the words, “coming again” anywhere in my work. 

It’s more ironic that the words you claim are,


came from Jesus Christ.

Well, we all make mistakes.  And, hopefully some of us learn from our mistakes.

I will make use of your textual criticism by including within my article the photo of the Watchtower publication containing the words,


In this way, you have helped me make this article more informative.

Rich Kelsey



“Lol. He was referring to his resurrection in his own time.  Clearly.  Please post these comments. Lol. I'm no longer wasting my time with you… Lol.” Lang Ngo


My response:

Please look at the above photo one more time.  In this chapter the Watchtower Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses uses Christ’s words,

“I AM COMING AGAIN” (Jn. 14:3)

to describe his return. 

Not his resurrection!

Then, a few pages later they link Christ’s return to the year 1914. (see endnote # 1)


Charles Russell, the man whom Jehovah's Witnesses consider their founder wrote:

"That our Lord intended us as His disciples to understand, that for some purpose, in some manner, and at some time, He would come again, is, we presume, admitted and believed by all familiar with the scriptures. But the object of that coming is viewed from widely different standpoints…" (Object and Manner of Our Lords Return / Chapter 1. The Object of the Second Advent,  p.3, 1877)

Russell was not speaking of Christ's resurrection; he was speaking of Christ's return.

Rich Kelsey


1. The position maintained by Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1982:

“I AM COMING AGAIN.” (John 14:3)  Jesus Christ made this promise to his apostles when he was with them the night before his death.  You will probably agree that never has there been a greater need for peace, health and life that Christ’s return in Kingdom power will bring to mankind.  But how does Christ return?  Who will see him, and in what way?

At his return, Christ does not come to live on earth.  Rather, those who are to rule as kings with him are taken to live with him in heaven…

… Christ’s return does not mean that he literally comes back to this earth.  Rather, it means that he takes Kingdom power toward this earth and turns his attention to it.  He does not need to leave his heavenly throne and actually come down to earth to do this.  As we have seen in the previous chapter, Bible evidence shows that in the year 1914 C.E. God’s time arrived for Christ to return and began ruling.”(You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth, 1982, pp. 142 and 147)