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The Unofficial LDS Family Home Evening Resource Book:


■  Lesson One: Am I a Seeker of Truth? (1826 Glass Looking Trial)

■  Lesson Two: Gaining a Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith   

■  Lesson Three: Joseph Smith Obtains the Golden Plates

■  Lesson Four: Joseph Smith and the Treasure Guardian

■  Lesson Five: LDS Priesthood — Eternal Power and Authority of God

■  Lesson Six: Maintaining a Strong Testimony of the LDS Church Through Faithful History




These lessons were prepared for families who are ready to go beyond a milk only diet and indulge on teachings with substance. They are meant to bring about meaningful thought and discussion; and, challenge the participants to obtain a deeper understanding of the LDS faith. Therefore, parents are advised to first carefully read the lessons all the way through in order to make sure they are appropriate for each and every family member.