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Series on the LDS (Mormon) Faith:

Part I  The Book of Mormon

Part II  Joseph Smith's First Vision

Part III  Joseph Smith on Trial

Part IV  Those Mysterious Golden Plates

Part V  Book of Mormon Changes

Part VI  Book of Moses Changes / Anachronisms

Part VII  Another Testament of Jesus Christ

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"Rich Kelsey's article on Joseph Smith's 'gold plates' is thoroughly researched, systematically analysed and logically presented. The historical position existing at the time of Smith is accurately depicted as Kelsey takes us on a 'journey to 19th century America, to experience the Mindset and lifestyle of Joseph Smith and his colleagues' giving us a clear insight into the mystical environment in which Smith was born and raised.

The true background of Smith's early life is firmly established...

Kelsey's analysis of the facts leads to only one possible conclusion; God would never have been involved with such nonsense. What the Mormon Church now presents as the case leaves out almost all of the historical narrative that Kelsey here presents and instead portrays an almost entirely fictional perspective. Kelsey asks all the right questions and provides the answers - and the evidence." — Jim Whitefield