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1.  Joseph Smith Money Digging Accounts:

 Joseph Smith Money Digging Accounts (Main Page)

  Willard Chase Account of the Gold Plates

  Fayette Lapham Account of the Gold Plates

  Peter Ingersoll Account of Smith's Money Digging History

 The Amboy Journal — Bleeding Ghost Account  < ("Moroni" started out as a bleeding ghost)

 Interview with Martin Harris in Tiffany's Monthly 1859

2.  Joseph Smith 1826 Glass Looking Trial Testimonies / Records:

  1826 Trial Testimonies (Main Page)

●  A. W. Benton Account

  Bishop Tuttle Account

●  W. D. Purple Account

●  New Evidence  and New Difficulties

●  Bill of Justice

●  LDS Accounts 

●  Articles of Agreement

3.  Joseph Smith First Vision Accounts:

 First Vision Accounts (Main Page)

  1823 Bedroom Vision/Dream Accounts (eighteen accounts from the 1820s—1840s...)

  Bedroom vision account — "Official version" (Extracts from the History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet)

  Joseph Smith's First Vision was unknown LDS statements  (Nephi or Moroni?)

  (1832) Joseph Smith's hand written account of the First Vision (Photo)

  (1834-35) Joseph Smith's first published vision (which contains elements of the 1838 LDS "Official" First Vision story)

  (1842) Joseph Smith's Sacred Grove Account — "Official LDS First Vision Account" — also found in Smith's 1838 History

4.  An Address To All Believers In Christ — David Whitmer  (sections on revelations given through the stone)

5Joseph Knight’s Recollection of Early Mormon History (before the sugarcoating was applied)

6 Book of Mormon Printing Arrangements and History

7.  The Angel and the Gold Plates 

8.  Cumorah's Cave - Cameron J. Packer

9The Trouble With Martin Harris  (mean spirited quotes about Martin Harris taken mostly from LDS source material)

10The Three Witnesses  — very good Wikipedia article on the subject (on site and enlarged for easy reading)

11.  Quest For the Gold Plates - Thomas Stuart Ferguson

12.  Interviews With Martin Harris

13.  Introduction — Richard Bushman

14.  My Initial Reactions to the Church’s History Essays, February 11, 2014 — John Dehlin (off site)

15. "Man May Become Like God" Lesson 21 Melchizedek Priesthood Personal Study (guide)

16. "The Angel Moroni" as a treasure guardian in bloody clothes — image from Fayette Lapham account