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Selected Works of C.T. Russell:  (on site - underlined text for emphasis)


Bible Examiner 1876 — article by Charles Russell - (Magazine published by Second Adventist George Storrs)

Object and Manner of Our Lord's Return — Charles Russell - (Russell's 64 page pamphlet published in 1877 at the office of Herald of the Morning)

Supplement to Zion's Watch Tower, July 1st, 1879 — Charles Russell  (In this prelude to the first ZION'S WATCH TOWER Russell explains why he came to believe in the Second Advent, his early history, his connection with Bro. Barbour, publishing "Herald of the Morning" and why it "was terminated").

Studies in the Scriptures - The Time Is At Hand — Charles Russell (Ten-Part series)  

Studies in the Scriptures - Thy Kingdom Come — Charles Russell (Ten-part series)

Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence — Charles Russell  (History of the Bible Students from 1871 - 1881)

Harvest Gatherings and Siftings — Charles Russell - (Zion's Watch Tower article,  June 1, 1916 - Russell explains why he wrote The Object and Manner of Our Lord’s Return)

1874 — (The year of Christ's invisible presence which Charles Russell kept all the way to the grave)

WT Archive (off site - very large selection of material - scroll down for individual Watch Tower years)  

The Midnight Cry 1871 — Nelson Barbour

Herald of the Morning 1874 — Nelson Barbour