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© by Rich Kelsey. All rights reserved.

(Front Cover) 


Rich Kelsey






"An intriguing look into bible prophecy

culminating with the return of Jesus Christ"




(Back Cover)

In this work Rich Kelsey presents a new perspective on the subject of Bible prophecy. 

Topics Covered

■  The Antichrist

■  Armageddon

■  The Plagues

■  The Pre-wrath Rapture


■  The Second Coming of Christ

If you are ready for a new adventure, please come along for the journey.  

Rich Kelsey


Editorial Reviews:

"The author has given authority to his text by digging out the meanings of words, symbolism, and events to draw his own conclusions, not relying on the work of others, but going to the Bible itself for authoritative answers. I have come away from the reading of this book with a greater understanding of what is to come-and my place in that." — Reader's Report by Sally E. Stuart, author of 29 books including the annual Christian Writer's Market Guide 

"I have never read or heard a better, more intellectually acceptable interpretation of the book of Revelation." — Reader's Report prepared by PREP Publishing — Judi Wu




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