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LDS (Mormon) Series by Rich Kelsey:




■  The Book of Mormon

■  Joseph Smith's First Vision

■  Joseph Smith on Trial

■  Those Mysterious Golden Plates

■  The Fall of Mormonism

■  Book of Moses Changes/Anachronisms

■  Another Testament of Jesus Christ


■  Sub-Pages in the LDS (Mormon) Series  < (must see / extremely informative index)

Short LDS Articles:

■  Joseph Smith & The Bleeding Ghost  < (early accounts of golden plates stories involving a bleeding ghost)

■  Joseph Smith's Use of Seer Stones  < (seer stone articles from the Ensign magazine & LDS.org)

■  Ask a Mormon: Cognitive Dissonance and the LDS Faith  < (accounts of visits with LDS elders and a LDS spokesman)

■  Joseph Smith Lied when he said he only had one wife  < (LDS admission that Joseph Smith had up to 40 wives)

■  What to say to Mormons at the door < (contains actual responses from LDS missionaries who knocked on my door)

■  Preach My Gospel — A Guide to Missionary Service  < (account of a meeting with LDS elders on the Seattle Temple grounds)

■  Enchantment — Magic and JS Money Digging Accounts < (the most eye-opening article on this site)

■  LDS Golden Plates Stories   < (disturbing early versions of the golden plates accounts)

■  Printer's Manuscript of the Book of Mormon (press conference) < (the public's first view of Joseph's seer stone)

■  The Joseph Smith Translation

Family Home Evening Lessons:

■  FHE 1 — Am I a Seeker of Truth? 1826 Glass Looking Trial

■  FHE 2 — Gaining a Testimony of Joseph Smith / First Vision

■  FHE 3 — Joseph Smith Obtains the Golden Plates

■  FHE 4 — Joseph Smith and the Treasure Guardian

■  FHE 5 — The LDS Priesthood — Eternal Power and Authority of God 

■  FHE 6 — Maintaining a Strong Testimony of the LDS Church Through Faithful History


■  Other LDS Articles and Links