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The Story Behind the Cover Art—see text below


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Rich wanted to paint a canvas for the cover of his Christian end-times book, so he prayed much about it.  The painting, "Splash" is of fire in the background with a wave crashing on the shore.

Rich put together a frame and stretched a canvas over it.  Then he poured a gallon of black paint over the canvas.  Then yellow and orange paint was poured in the upper left corner.  The next step was to lay the work down and dribble paint on it from cans which he had drilled holes in.

Next he started throwing blue and white paint at the canvas.  Rich then tilted it and let the paint run.  Rich laid the work down and dribbled paint on it again.  Finally he grabbed his camera and took a picture.

The paint on the canvas continued to run and soon lost definition.

No brushes were used in the process—all of the paint was either poured, thrown or dribbled on.  Rich is convinced that God helped him create the book cover "Splash". (for his out of print 2002 - 2008 end-time work)

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